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Parental Alienation

While it is unfortunately common for divorcing parents to make disparaging remarks about each other in front of their child, this is not healthy for the child or in their best interests. In extreme cases, this is known as parental alienation syndrome (PAS). Parental alienation is when one parent acts in such a way that they alienate a child from the other parent. The alienation may be from constant negative or even false comments about a parent to a child — in essence, brain-washing. If you feel the other parent is alienating you from your child, we can help you.

Being Alienated From Your Child

At our family law firm, senior attorney Heather M. Cullen and the high-quality team of attorneys and staff are here to ensure your rights as a parent are upheld. We encourage open and positive communication between parties and are against one parent alienating the other from their child. Sometimes, a parent may seek revenge or threaten to move out-of-state with the child without court permission. Moving out of state without court permission is severe and requires legal representation.

You have rights as a parent; own them. Contact us to discuss your parental alienation case with one of our highly skilled parental alienation attorneys. Call 951-824-6449.

Parental Alienation: Not In The Best Interests Of The Child

The most important standard for determining child custody and visitation issues is the best interests of the child. In almost all cases, parental alienation is not in the best interests of a child and is a strong argument against the actions of an alienating parent. We will help you build a case against the alienating parent and help restore your relationship with your child.

There are many methods for fighting parental alienation. Not all options must be combative or involve litigation, although we are prepared to represent you aggressively at trial. Some of these methods include:

  • Mediation: We can attempt to mediate the problem with the other parent and their attorney and try to work out the underlying issues.
  • Modifications: We can seek a modification of the custody or parenting plan agreement for the parent to receive more visitation time.
  • Child custody evaluation: We can request a child custody evaluation by a psychiatrist or neutral evaluator and report recommendations to the Court.

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