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Parental Rights / Paternity

Paternity is presumed for children born within a marriage but must be established in a court of law for children of unmarried parents. Establishing parental rights creates a legal relationship between parent and child. It confers all legal rights as if the child were born within a marriage. Even if unmarried, a parent can obtain custody based on a paternity determination by establishing his parental relationship with the child.

Corona Paternity Testing Lawyers

A paternity test can determine parental rights and responsibilities. For questions, contact our paternity lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

Requests for genetic testing or DNA testing to determine biological parenthood arise in conjunction with child custody and child support disputes. Our attorneys and staff arrange for confidential parentage testing for clients with paternity concerns, including influential, high-profile clients, none of whom have received any publicity. Our law firm uses a local lab and takes routine precautions to ensure confidentiality.

We represent clients seeking to establish paternity so they can obtain custody and support orders. We further assist clients in disproving paternity through DNA parentage testing to avoid unfairly imposed child support determinations. We represent biological fathers trying to establish parental rights to fight for child custody. In all cases, we are committed to protecting our clients’ best interests.

San Bernardino Biological Fathers’ Rights Law Firm

As a family law firm, we aim to offer our clients skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable legal counsel; to protect their rights; protect the best interests of children; and serve as a guide through the complexities of family court. If you have concerns or questions about proving or disproving biological paternity, contact the Corona paternity testing attorneys of Cullen Family Law Group. We have law offices in Temecula and Riverside.